August 1st – Genesis 47:13-31

  • How did God bless Pharaoh through the famine?
  • What happened to all the people of the land during the famine?  How did Israel and his family fare differently?  What made the difference? (see 46:3)
  • What are some of the ways God has sustained you through difficult times?  How did He do it?  What did you learn about God through it? 

August 2nd – Genesis 48

  • What was the significance of Israel reckoning Joseph’s two sons as his own?  What influence did this have on their inheritance? 
  • What does Jacob affirm about God in his blessing of Manasseh and Ephraim?  How would you describe the role God has played in your life?  How has He been like a shepherd to you? 
  • What does Israel predict about Ephraim and Manasseh through the way he blesses them?  Why do you think he does this?  How does Joseph react? 

August 3rd – Genesis 49

  • What sin does Israel refer to in his blessing of Reuben?  In his blessing of Simeon and Levi? Have you seen how sins you commit have had consequences for many years? If so how?
  • In what ways was Judah to be like a lion?  What is the ultimate fulfillment of Jacob’s prediction about the scepter belonging to Judah?
  • In Israel’s blessing of Joseph how is Joseph described as responding when he is attacked?  What is this attributed to?  How do you respond when you are attacked?  How does God help you in these situations?   

August 4th – Genesis 50

  • What does it tell us about Joseph and his reputation among the Egyptians that so many of them went with him to bury his father?  What is your reputation among the non-believers in your life?  How did you earn that reputation? 
  • What were Joseph’s brothers afraid of after their father died?  What did they do as a result?  Have you ever been afraid of how someone you sinned against would respond to you?  How did you handle it? 
  • What was Joseph’s perspective on his brother’s actions against him?  What does this tell us about his understanding of God?  Would/Could you respond like him?  Why or why not?

August 5th – Psalm 30

  • Describe how God has lifted you out of the depths.  What sins has he rescued you from?  What situations has he lifted you out of? 
  • What does verse 5 teach us about God?  What is your hearts response to this teaching about God?
  • What was the Psalmist’s response to God’s answering his cry for mercy?  Take some time and just simply praise God for all that he has done for you and for how it has made a difference in your life. 

August 6th – 1 Peter 1:1-12

  • What has God given to us in his mercy?  How does He give us these things?  How is our spiritual inheritance described here? 
  • What can we rejoice in even while we go through grief and trials?  What is the purpose of trials?  How does this change your perspective on trials and hard times?
  • How does Peter describe the believer even though they do not physically see Christ?  Does this describe you?  Where should our joy come from?  

August 7th 1 Peter 1:13-25

  • What are the evil desires that we should not conform to?  What are we called to instead?  What does this look like
  • What does it mean that we are to live our lives as strangers?  What does it look like to live in reverent fear?  How do these commands challenge how you are living right now? 
  • How are we to treat our brothers?  What does this look like?  What do we learn about the Word of God in this passage? 

August 8th – 1 Peter 2:1-12

  • What are we to rid ourselves of?  Do you struggle with any of these things?  If so what?  What does it mean to crave pure spiritual milk?  What is your appetite for spiritual food?
  • What are we being built into?  What are the spiritual sacrifices we offer to God through Christ?  How does Christ make some stumble and fall? 
  • How do the sinful desires we are to abstain from war against our souls?  How are we supposed live before a watching world?  What does this look like?  What effect should it have on them? 

August 9th 1 Peter 2:13-25

  • How are we commanded to relate to earthly authorities?  What does this look like in a world like ours today? 
  • Which of the commands do you struggle with the most in verse 17?  Give some examples of how to show respect to others, love the church, fear God, and honor the king?
  • What type of suffering is commended by God?  What does it mean that we are called to this type of suffering?  How did Jesus model this for us as an example?  

August 10th 1 Peter 3:1-7

  • What does the submissiveness that wives are commanded to have toward their husbands look like?  What is the hoped for effect on their unbelieving husbands?  How did Sarah live this out?
  • What type of beauty are women told to seek primarily?  Ladies in what ways are you seeking this type of beauty in your life?  Does this mean that you should not braid your hair, or wear jewelry, or fine clothes? 
  • Husbands how are you commanded to treat your wives?  What reason is given for this?  Guys haw are you obeying this in your marriage? 

August 11th 1 Peter 3:8-22

  • How are we to live with each other as believers?  What does it look like to repay evil with blessing?  Is this hard for you?  If so why?
  • Whose prayer is the Lord attentive to?  How does this relate to James 5:16?  Who is the Lord against?  Is the Lord attentive to you prayers, or is he against you? Why?
  • What is meant by verse 17?  How have you suffered for doing good?  How do we explain the difficult passage in verse 19-20? 

August 12th – Psalm 31

  • What is the Psalmist feeling in verses 9-10?  Have you ever felt this way?  What did your prayers sound like during those times? 
  • What attributes of God does the Psalmist mention in this Psalm?  What attributes of God do you appreciate the most today?  Praise him for them!
  • Who does the Lord preserve?  How does He respond to the proud?  What does this mean? 

August 13th 1 Peter 4:1-11

  • What attitude are we to arm ourselves with? Why should we do this?  What does this look like to apply to our lives?
  • How do unbelievers view Christians living as we should?  Have you ever experienced this?  If so How? 
  • Because the end is near how should we live?  What should we do with the gifts God has given us?  How are you using the gifts God has given you?                          

 August 14th – 1 Peter 4:12-19

  • What is implied by the command not to be surprised by our painful trials?  When we are surprised by painful trials in our lives what are we assuming?  What then should we expect as normal? 
  • Describe a time when you were insulted because of the name of Christ.  What does verse 14 say about those who endure this?  What should be our response when we suffer for being a Christian? 
  • Why is it hard to have this perspective on suffering?  What should those who suffer according to God’ will do according to verse 19? 

August 15th – 1 Peter 5

  • What is the charge given to elders in this passage?  What are they not told not to be/do? 
  • What are we to clothe ourselves with?  What reason is given for this?  Who lifts up the humble?  What do you think this look like, how might God life them up?
  • Why are we to be self-controlled and alert?  How are we supposed to resist the Devil?  What promise is given in verse 10?  How does this give us hope?  

August 16th – Jonah 1

  • How does Jonah respond to the command of God?  When have you ever responded to God like this?  How did you run away?  What happened? 
  • How does God respond to Jonah’s attempt to run away from Him?  What does this teach us about our God?  How has God pursued you when you have ran from Him?
  • In what ways does Jonah demonstrate how hard his heart had become?  What is the result of all this in the hearts and lives of the sailors?  How does God show grace to Jonah? 

August 17th – Jonah 2

  • What does Jonah say that God has done in his prayer (4things)?  What has Jonah learned/re-learned about God?  What does this teach us about God? 
  • What did it take for Jonah to remember God?  Why do we wait so long sometimes to make the decision to call out to God?  Can you remember a time when you hit bottom before you called out to God? Describe it. 
  • What does Jonah do and promise to do?  Is there any way that you are running away from God’s commands in your life today?  If so what is preventing you from renewing your commitment to God today?   

August 18th – Jonah 3

  • Have you ever felt not worthy of being used by God in a significant way because of past failures? What does this chapter teach us about our God that he was still willing to use Jonah to deliver his message despite his recent blatant disobedience?   
  • How did the Ninevites respond to Jonah’s message?  When you are confronted with your sin how do you respond?  Why do you respond that way? 
  • How does God respond to the Ninevites?  How has God shown you compassion and grace when you repented and asked for his mercy?  Praise him for this!

August 19th – Psalm 32

  • How does the Psalmist describe the person who has been forgiven? Praise the Lord for the sins of yours that he has forgiven. 
  • How does the Psalmist describe himself before he confessed his sins to the Lord?  Can you relate to this description?  Are there any sins that you need to confess before the Lord today? 
  • In what way are we not to be like the horse or mule?  In what ways are you like the horse and mule?  Is there anything that prevents you from going to the Lord?  

August 20th – Jonah 4

  • How does Jonah react to God’s compassionate mercy shown to Nineveh?  Has there ever been anyone who you did not want God to be merciful to?  What do you think is behind this perspective?
  • What object lesson does God provide for Jonah?  What is it that God tries to teach him with it? 
  • What fruit does Jonah’s anger produce in his heart?  Looking in your own heart describe your struggle with anger and what fruit it produces in your heart.

Aug 21st – Habakkuk 1:1-11

  • How would you reword Habakkuk’s complaint in your own words?Have you ever felt like Habakkuk does here?If so explain.
  • How does God describe the Babylonians?How does God expect Habakkuk to react to his answer and plan?How might we react to God telling us something similar?
  • What do we learn about God from his answer to Habakkuk here?When has God worked in a surprising and unexpected way in your life?

Aug 22nd – Habakkuk 1:12-2:1

  • How would you put Habakkuk’s second complaint in your own words?Have you ever felt like Habakkuk does here?If so explain.
  • What does Habakkuk do after voicing his complaint to God this second time?How often do we intentionally wait for God’s answer to the concerns and questions we present before him?What does this look like?
  • What attributes of God does Habakkuk refer to in his complaint?What does Habakkuk mean when he says God has made men like the sea creatures?

Aug 23rd – Habakkuk 2:2-20

  • What does God say about the revelation that he is about to give?What perspective might this give us about the things God promises us in His Word.
  • List the things that the Lord speaks against in his answer.Who is guilty of them?
  • How does God describe idols here?What do idols look like for us in our world today?How is God different from idols?

Aug 24th Habakkuk 3

  • What has God done that makes you stand in awe of Him?How do you express your awe to God?
  • How does Habakkuk respond to God’s promise of Judgment?What comes into your mind when you think about God’s judgment?
  • What had Habakkuk learned about God through his conversation with Him?Why can Habakkuk rejoice when nothing seems to be going good?What can we learn from this?

Aug 25th – Phil 1:1-11

  • What is the good work that God has started in us?What does it mean that He will carry it on to completion?What hope does this give us?
  • What does Paul pray for the Philippians?Who can you pray for using this prayer as a guide?
  • How do you pray for those closest to you?Could you say that you have the affection of Christ Jesus toward them?What does that look like?

Aug 26th – Psalm 33

  • How does the Psalmist call us to worship the Lord?How do you most often worship God?What helps you to worship the Lord?
  • What does the Psalmist teach us about who the Lord is watching?What does this mean? What does this teach us about our God?
  • Describe a time when you waited in hope for the Lord.What happened?Praise God for what he has done!

Aug 27th – Phil 1:12-30

  • What had happened to Paul that he is referring to in this passage?How did this serve to advance the Gospel?
  • Have you ever struggled with courage to share Christ?Ever felt ashamed of Christ or the Gospel?What might this look like in your life?
  • What is Paul torn between?Have you ever felt this way?What does it look like to conduct yourself in a manner worthy of the Gospel?

Aug 28th – Phil 2:1-11

  • What would make Paul’s joy complete?  What does this look like in the life of a church?  Would this describe our church, why or why not? 
  • What negative command does Paul give?  What positive commands does he give?  Describe in your own words what it would look like to obey the commands given here.  Which one is the hardest for you and why?
  • How does Paul describe the attitude of Christ Jesus?  What would it look like for you to have that same attitude? 

Aug 29th – Phil 2:12-30

  • What does it mean to work out your salvation with fear and trembling?  How does God work in us according to verse 13?  In what ways has God changed your will during the time you have been a follower of His?
  • How are you at obeying verse 14?  What makes you complain normally?  What causes you to argue?  What is the result of our obedience to this command?
  • How does Paul describe Timothy and Epaphroditus?  What do they mean to him?  What do they mean to the church in Philippi?  Who are the important people God is using in your life right now like Timothy and Epaphroditus?

Aug 30th – Phil 3:1-11

  • What does Paul mean when he says that we put no confidence in the flesh?  What reasons does Paul give that he could put confidence in the flesh?  Why does he share this? 
  • Describe what Paul is saying in verse 7 in your own words.  What does Paul see as of supreme importance and value?  How does he describe everything else?  Can you say the same thing?  Why or why not?
  • What does it mean to desire the fellowship of sharin in Christ’s sufferings? How do we become like Christ in His death?  Do you share these desires with Paul?    

Aug 31st – Phil 3:12-4:1

  • What is it that Paul says he has not yet taken hold of but is pressing on toward?  Why is it important like Paul to forget what is behind and strain for what is ahead?  What do you need to forget so that you can better strive toward this goal? 
  • What do you think this striving looks like?  How are you striving?  What could help you in your desire to press on and grow toward the goal in Christ? 
  • What does it mean that our citizenship is in heaven? What promise is given here concerning what our savior will do?  What hope does this give us?  How does this hope motivate us to press on in the faith?