February 1st – Joshua 23

What command does Joshua repeat in this passage? (v6, 11) what is the implied danger of not heeding this command?


What was Joshua concerned about the nations around Israel becoming? (v12-13) In what ways can the people of our world today who don’t share our faith be a similar threat to us?


Joshua encourages Israel to have a healthy fear of God as a motivation for obedience? Do you think you have a healthy fear of God? How has it motivated you toward obedience?


February 2nd – Joshua 24

Why do you think God through Joshua reminded Israel of all the things he had done for them? What would that list look like in your life?

Are there things in your life that compete with God for the loyalty of your heart? Are you willing to throw them away? What would that look like?


Have you ever decided once and for all that you are going to serve God wholeheartedly, without qualification or reservation? If so have you continued to live out that commitment? If not what has held you back?


February 3rd – James 1:1-18

What reason does James give for considering our trials a joy? Why do we find this so hard to do?


According to verse 6 when we ask for wisdom how do we need to ask? Do you struggle with doubt in your prayers to God? Why do you think that is?


How does James describe temptation? Consider an area where you are regularly tempted, what is the evil desire in your heart that it starts with? Repent of that desire.


February 4th – Psalm 5

What would it look like for you to pray expectantly like David describes in verse 3? Is that different from how you pray now? If so how?


How does David describe God’s attitude toward the wicked? Have you ever been guilty of the specific sis mentioned here? How has it affected your relationship with God?


David describes God as a refuge, one who protects, and a shield, what are some ways that God has been like this for you in your life?


February 5th – James 1:19-27

Which do you find the hardest to do; being quick to listen, being slow to speak, or being slow to become angry? Why do you think that is?


Think of some examples of when you have merely listened to the word and not done what it says, how was this deceiving yourself?


What does God our Father accept as pure and faultless religion? In what ways can/are you doing this?

February 6th – James 2:1-13

            When have you been tempted to show favoritism to someone? Why do we do this? Why is it wrong?

            What does James call the “royal law?” What does it look like to life this law out in real life?

What does it take to be considered a lawbreaker/sinner? (v 10) Is there an area in your life where you are breaking God’s command excusing it as no big deal because you consider it a small thing? If so what should you do?

February 7th – James 2:14-26

            Describe in your own words the connection between genuine faith and deeds/works.

            What is meant by the statement that faith without deeds is dead?

Does your faith lead you to do good works, deeds, and/or actions in any way? If so give examples, if not why not?

February 8th – James 3

What are some examples of ways the tongue can be used for evil? What are some ways that you have used your tongue to cause damage to others? Confess this to God if you haven’t done so?

            Why do you think it is so hard to control and tame your tongue?

            How is the wisdom that is from heaven described? Does this describe you? Why or why not?

February 9th – James 4

Think of a conflict you recently experienced, what was the desire in your heart that led to the conflict? What would have been a better way to handle that desire?

What are the areas in your life where you need to resist the devil? What areas do you still need to submit to God? What will that look like?

Is there any good thing you know you ought to do that you are not doing right now? Why are you not doing it?

February 10th – James 5

How does knowledge and hope of the Lord’s coming help us be patient amidst the difficult circumstances of life?

How do you react to the command in verse 16 to confess your sins to each other? Why do you think you react that way? Do you have someone in your life that you confess your sins to? If not why not?

How is your prayer life? Do you believe the promise in verse 16b? What are some ways you have seen prayer effective in your life?

February 11th – Psalm 6

Has there ever been a time in your life when you felt the anguish of soul that David expresses here? Describe that time and how you responded to it.

            How does David’s attitude change in verses 8-10 from the verses that came before them?

David expresses confidence that God has heard his cry and accepted his prayer, do you have that confidence and assurance? Why or why not?

February 12th – Nehemiah 1

What was Nehemiah’s response to troubling and unpleasant news about his people? How have you responded to bad news when you have received it?

We often think of confession as a private and personal thing, why do you think Nehemiah confessed the sins of his people to God?

Nehemiah made a very specific and bold request of God in verse 11, what specific and bold things are you praying for?

February 13th – Nehemiah 2:1-10

 Why do you think Nehemiah was so scared in verse 2? Have you ever been nervous or scared when God opens a door for an important conversation in your life? Describe how you responded.


What does Nehemiah do as he makes his request of the king?(v4) What does this tell us about the heart of Nehemiah, who was he relying on to make his request successful?


How does God answer Nehemiah’s prayer? What big thing are you praying about? What would it look like for God to answer it?


February 14th – Nehemiah 2:11-20

Why do you think Nehemiah set out at night to investigate the walls with only a few men before he told anyone what he was planning to do?


Is there a need or ministry that God has placed on your heart that you need to investigate like Nehemiah did here? What is it and how would you get more information?


Have you ever been ridiculed for following a passion God has placed in your heart? How did you respond to that ridicule?


February 15th – Nehemiah 3

How many different professions are listed here among those working on the rebuilding of the wall? Have you ever done something that was stretching and outside your comfort zone for God? If so what, if not why not?


The Israelites were working together to accomplish a specific mission each having a part, do you know what the mission of our church is? What is your part/role in accomplishing that mission?


Some thought themselves too important to work alongside others in this project (V5), have you ever wrestled with this attitude? Is there anything you are not willing to do for God? Why?


February 16th – Nehemiah 4

How did Nehemiah and the Israelites respond to the ridicule and threats of Sanballat and others? What does their response tell us about their hearts? What does our response say about our hearts?


 What are some ways that our world today is hostile to our desire to faithfully serve God? How does it affect our desire to be faithful to God?


What does Nehemiah Nehemiah tell the people to encourage them?(v14, 19-20) How does remembering who our God is encourage us when we are discouraged?


February 17th – Nehemiah 5

What made Nehemiah so angry in this passage, what were the people guilty of? How do the people respond when they are confronted about this?(v8)


What does Nehemiah mean by telling them they should walk in the fear of God?(v9)


Nehemiah acted differently than his predecessors “out of reverence for God.”(v15) How might you live differently at home, and at work because of your reverence for God?


February 18th – Psalm 7

What is the most surprising request that David makes of the Lord in this Psalm? Why is it so surprising to you?


How does this Psalm describe God’s treatment of the righteous? His treatment of the wicked?


What attribute of God motivates David to worship in this Psalm? What attribute of God is motivating you to praise Him today?


February 19th – Nehemiah 6:1-14

Sanballat, Tobiah, and Geshem make another attempt to distract Nehemiah from finishing the walls he is building, what are some ways the evil one has attempted to distract you from doing what God has called you to do?


How does Nehemiah respond to their attempts to distract him?(v9) How do you respond when the evil one tried to distract you from being obedient to God?

               Nehemiah received bad advice from among his own people in verse 10.

               Have you ever encountered distractions from following God from within the church?

               How did you respond to them?

February 20th – Nehemiah 6:15-7:73

What was the response of the surrounding nations when they heard that the wall had been finished? Why was this their response? What were they afraid of?

 Has God ever laid on your heart a “God sized” project? What does this passage teach us about God and what his people can accomplish with his help?

There were some among the Israelites that were favorably disposed toward Tobiah, an enemy of Israel, are there any enemies of God in your life that you are favorably disposed toward? Why?


February 21st – Nehemiah 8

What role do the Scriptures have in your life? How eager are you to be in the Scriptures? What makes you eager to read them? Why are you not more eager to read the Word of God?

How do you respond to reading the Scripture? Do the Scriptures draw you into a worship of our God? If so how, if not why not?

Why do you think the Israelites were weeping as they listened to the Scriptures? Have the Scriptures ever prompted strong emotions from you as you read what it teaches? Describe those emotions?


February 22nd – Nehemiah 9:1-37

 How often do you have a time of intentional confession before the Lord? Why is this hard? Is there anything that you need to confess to the Lord right now today?

 How do the Israelites start their prayer of confession, what do they acknowledge about God and who he is? Why do you think they start their prayer or confession this way?

 Why do you think the Israelites confessed not only their own sins but also the sins of their forefathers? Take some time and confess the sins of your family before God inasmuch as you are aware of them.

February 23rd Nehemiah 9:38-10:39

Describe in your own words the commitment that the Israelites are making in this passage.

Describe honestly the level of commitment you are willing to make to God? If you first made a        commitment to God years ago have you stayed true to that commitment? Is there a need in your life to renew you commitment to God now?

There were many practical implication of this commitment to God for the Israelites. In what   practical ways does you commitment to God impact your life, how do you live differently because of it?

February 24th Nehemiah 11:1-12:26

The casting of lots was used to determine God’s will here to determine who he wanted to live in Jerusalem. Are you at a point in your walk with God that you are willing to surrender completely to the will of God no matter where it will take you, why or why not?

What are some of the professions specifically listed here in the lists of where people lived? If this were being written about you what is your God given role in society? In the church?

How would it change the way you work if you believed that God placed you in that role for his glory?

February 25th Psalm 8

What does David mean to communicate when he claims that “from the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise?

What response does the grandeur of the heavens create in the heart of David? Have you ever marveled at how God sees and treats us? How is this different from just feeling insignificant or unworthy?

How is man described in this Psalm? What value is given to us? What authority and responsibility?


February 26th Nehemiah 12:27-47

The Israelites organized a great worship service to give glory to God for the completion of the wall here if you were going to design a great worship service to God what would it look like, what would it include?

Do you find it easy to give glory to God for the significant accomplishments of your life? Or does your heart prefer to have the glory yourself for those accomplishments?

In verse 43 we are told that God had given them great joy, describe the ways God has given you joy over the years.

February 27th – Nehemiah 13

How do you respond when you read something in the Scripture that commands something different than what you are currently doing? Ignore it? Justify your current activity? Or obey it? Why?

Nehemiah is zealous in his pursuit of holiness before the Lord for himself and for the Israelites. How have you been zealous in your pursuit of holiness personally? If you have not passionately pursued personal holiness why not?

If Nehemiah was to observe your life and your commitment to God and personal holiness, what changes would he urge you to make? What would he ask you to change? What would he commend you for?

February 28th – 2 Corinthians 1:1-11

What is the purpose for God’s comforting us according to verse 4? Describe how God has comforted you through a difficult time. Who might God want you to comfort?

How does Paul describe the difficulties he has undergone in verse 8? Have you ever felt this way? According to Paul why did this happen? What hope does that give you in those times?

What unique benefits do we see from close Christian fellowship in this passage?