July 1st Psalm 25

  • What does the Psalmist ask of God?  Use those requests to guide a time of prayer for you.
  • Have you ever felt like the Psalmist does in verses 16-18?  How did you interact with God in those times?  What can we learn from how the Psalmist prays in the midst of those feelings? 
  • How many times does the Psalmist mention his sins?  What does he say about them?  How do you address your sins when you are talking to God? 

July 2nd – Genesis 21

  • How did Sarah feel when she finally had a child?  Can you think of a time when you waited on the Lord and finally saw him work in a dramatic way?   How did you respond? 
  • In what ways did God work in the life of Ishmael?  What do we learn about the heart of God from verse 17?
  • What did Abimelech recognize as unique about Abraham? What do you think led him to this conclusion?  What might this look like today?  

July 3rd – Genesis 22

  • Why did God tell Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac?  When do you think Abraham understood this?  How quickly did Abraham respond to God’s command? 
  • According to the Angel of the Lord what motivated Abraham to be willing to sacrifice his only son?  What motivates your obedience to God?
  • How would you have responded in Abraham’s situation?  Is there anything that God is asking you to sacrifice for him?  Is there anything you would not be willing to sacrifice if God asked you to?  If so what?

July 4th – Genesis 23

  • What was Abraham’s reputation among the Hittites?  What do you think earned him this reputation? 
  • What is your reputation among the unbelievers in our community?  How have you earned this reputation? 
  • How did Abraham show respect to the Hittites in negotiating the purchase of the field and cave to bury Sarah?  What would it look like to show that same kind of respect to the people we do business with today?  

July 5th Genesis 24

  • Why was Abraham so insistent that his servant find a wife from his own family and not from among the Canaanites?  Why did he not want Isaac to go back to the country he came from?
  • What was the servant’s response when God answered his prayer?  What prayers of yours has God answered lately, how did you respond?  Spend some time worshipping God for the way he has answered your prayers.
  • Why did Rebekah’s family respond the way they did in verses 50-51?  How would you respond in a similar situation?  Why? 

July 6th – Genesis 25

  • What struggle did Rebekah and Isaac have that Abraham and Sarah also had?  How did Isaac deal with it?  What did God do? 
  • What role does prayer and faith in God play in your life when you face difficult circumstances?  What about when circumstances are good? 
  • What do we learn about Jacob in this passage?  What do we learn about Esau?  What does it mean that Esau despised his birthright?  What was his birthright? 

July 7th Genesis 26

  • Why did Isaac lie about his wife?  Who else in his family had done the same thing?  Are there sins and bad behaviors that you have picked up from your parents?  If so repent of those things.
  • How did God show his blessing to Isaac?  How does God show his blessing to us today?  List the ways you have seen God’s blessing in your life.
  • How did Isaac worship God after He appeared to him?  How do you worship God outside of Sunday morning?  What does it mean here that he called on the name of the Lord?  

July 8th – Psalm 26

  • Can you pray the things that David prays in verses 1-2?  When might your life not been blameless?  When might your trust in the Lord wavered?  Celebrate the grace of God as you confess those things to Him.
  • What would it look like for you to proclaim aloud the praise of God?  Who could you tell of all God’s wonderful deeds today? 
  • Even being a righteous man David asked God for redemption and mercy v11, when was the last time you asked God for these things, and praised him for them? 

July 9th Genesis 27

  • How does the deception of Rebekah and Jacob lead to the fulfillment of God’s plan for Jacob and Esau?  (see 25:23)
  • What does this teach us about God’s sovereignty? 
  • What does this story teach us about God when we know that God uses Jacob mightily as the Father of the 12 tribes of Israel? 

July 10th – Genesis 28

  • What does God communicate to Jacob in his dream?  Why do you think it included a vision of angels ascending and descending on a stairway? 
  • Why was Jacob afraid?  What did Jacob do in response to the dream?  How do you respond when God speaks to you?
  • Have you ever made a vow to God?  If so what was it?  Have you fulfilled that vow?  Why or why not? 

July 11th – Genesis 29

  • What did Jacob request as payment for working for Laban his uncle?  How does the Scripture describe his love for Rachel? 
  • How would you describe your love for your spouse (if married)?  How do you show that love in actions? 
  • What did the Lord see concerning Leah?  What does this teach us about our God?  What was different about Leah’s response to her 4th son’s birth compared to the 3 previous?  

July 12th – Genesis 30

  • How did each of Jacob’s wives view the births of their sons?  What does it mean that God remembered Rachel?  Can you think of a time when God “remembered” you? 
  • Why did Laban not want Jacob to leave?  What agreement did they come to so that Jacob stayed?
  • In what ways did Laban demonstrate lack of trust in Jacob?  How did Jacob fare in this new arrangement for payment from Laban? 

July 13th Genesis 31

  • How did Laban treat Jacob unfairly?  How did God protect him?  Have you ever been treated unfairly? 
  • How did Jacob deceive Laban?  When had he been deceptive before?  Is there a particular sin that you are prone to repeat?  What is it?  How can you avoid repeating this sin again? 
  • How did God protect Jacob from Laban?  According to Jacob why did Laban not send Jacob away empty handed?  How does the fear of God impact how you live and treat others? 

July 14th – Genesis 32

  • When Jacob is afraid of his brother where does he turn for help?  When you are afraid, intimidated, or facing a conflict where do you turn for help? 
  • Why do you think Jacob sent all his family and possessions across the river and stayed behind by himself?  When was the last time you had some solitude away from stuff and people?  Is this hard for you?  Why/why not?
  • Who was it that Jacob was wrestling with?  What did Jacob desire from the man?  When was the last time you wrestled with God in prayer?   

July 15th – Psalm 27

  • What are you afraid of?  Who are you afraid of?  According to the psalmist here why is he not afraid?  How might this help us when we are fearful?
  • What is the one thing that the Psalmist desires from the Lord?  What effect would a desire like this have on your life?  Do you share this desire? Explain why or why not?
  • How have you seen the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living?  What does it look like to wait for the Lord?   

July 16th – Genesis 33

  • How did Esau receive his brother Jacob?  Why does Jacob refer to Esau as his lord?  How do we demonstrate respect to people when we talk to them in our culture? 
  • When Jacob arrived near the city of Shechem what were the first things that he did?  What does this tell us about what was most important to him? 
  • If you were to move to a new place what would be the first few things that you would do?  What does this reveal as to what is most important to you?

July 17th – Genesis 34

  • What reaction did Dinah’s brothers have to the news of the mistreatment of their sister? (v 7)  How do you react to examples of injustice and mistreatment of others?
  • What did Simeon and Levi do in retaliation for the sin against their sister?  How did they justify such a response?  Think of a time when you have reacted rashly to an offense, how did you rationalize your actions? 
  • How can we stand up for those who are mistreated in our world, and defend them without sinning ourselves?   

July 18th – Genesis 35

  • What did Jacob ask his household to do in preparation for worship?  Why did he tell them to do this?  How do you prepare to approach God in worship? 
  • When God appeared to Jacob what did he say to Him?  How did God identify himself? (v11)  What did Jacob do in response?  Why do you think he did this?
  • Can you think of special times and places where God has spoken to you?  Spend some time praising God for how he has spoken to you.  

July 19th – Genesis 36-37:11

  • In what ways did God bless Esau even though his line was not the line of promise?  What ways have you seen God’s blessing in your life? 
  • Why did Joseph’s brothers hate him?  What does this teach us about the dangers of showing favoritism especially within the family? 
  • Why did Joseph’s dreams upset his family?  Knowing the end of the story how might these dreams have prepared Joseph for what was coming? 

July 20th Genesis 37:12-36

  • Why did Joseph’s brothers want to kill him?  Has your dislike or hatred of someone ever made you want to harm them?  How do we navigate feelings like this in a way that honors God? 
  • How does Rueben go against his other brothers?  Why does he do this?  Is it easy or hard for you to go against the popular opinion to do the right thing?  Why?
  • How does Jacob respond to the news that his Son Joseph is gone?  What does it mean that he refused to be comforted?  Can you relate to how Jacob was feeling here?  How so? 

July 21st – Genesis 38

  • Why does Judah give his son Onan such a strange sounding command?  (see Dt 25:5-6)  What does this tell us about the importance of preserving a man’s family line in the ancient world? 
  • Why does Judah not give Tamar to his son Shelah as a wife according to the law of Moses?  When have you ever not done what is right because of fear?  What happened?  
  • How does Judah behave like a hypocrite in this passage?  Are there any areas of your life where you struggle with hypocrisy like this? 

July 22nd Psalm 28

  • What words Does David use to describe who God is to him in this Psalm?  Which of those is most meaningful to you and why?
  • How are the wicked described in this psalm?  Does any of this describe you?  If so repent of those things.
  • What is David’s response to his God?  How has trusting in God changed the way you live?  How often and in what way do you return praise to God for what he means to you? 

July 23rd – Genesis 39

  • Even as a slave how did God bless Joseph?  How did God bless Potiphar through Joseph?  What might we see today as evidence of God’s blessing on our lives or the lives of others around us? 
  • What significant temptation did Joseph encounter?  How did he respond?  How do you respond to temptation when no one is around, and no one would know?
  • What unfair thing happened to Joseph?  How do you think he felt being unjustly accused?  How did God bless Joseph even in Prison?  


July 24th – Genesis 40

  • What evidence do we see in this chapter of God’s Sovereignty?  How have you seen God’s sovereignty in your life?  How does knowing God is sovereign help in confusing and difficult times?
  • How was Joseph able to interpret the dreams of the Cupbearer and Baker?  What can we infer about Joseph’s faith even while in prison?   
  • How do you think Joseph felt when the cupbearer did not remember him? What happens to your faith when difficulty comes?

July 25th – Genesis 41

  • What does Joseph’s response to Pharaoh tell us about him?  Who did Joseph desire would receive all the glory for what he did and said?  Do you live this way?  Why or why not?
  • How does God show his grace and mercy to Pharaoh and Egypt?  Can you think of ways that God graciously prepared you for things that happened later in your life? 
  • What role did God have in mind for Joseph after such a difficult season?  How did God use him in Egypt?  What might God be preparing you for, how might he use you in a significant way for his glory?

July 26th – Genesis 42

  • Why did Joseph deal so harshly with his brothers when they came to buy grain?  Since he knew they were telling the truth what do you think he was really testing them to find out?
  • What do we learn about his brothers by their discussion among themselves about why this was happening to them?  What do you think Joseph was feeling when he wept in verse 24?
  • Why do you think Joseph ordered that each man’s silver be put back into their sacks?  Why were Jacob and his sons afraid when they found this?  How can we see God’s gracious provision in this story?  What are some surprising ways that God has provided for you? 

July 27th – Genesis 43

  • What had changed in the heart of Judah from the time he was willing to sell his brother Joseph as a slave?  What are some ways that God has changed your heart over the years? 
  • Why did the brothers take gifts from the land with them to Egypt this time?  Are there ways that you have tried to win over others with gifts or kindness?  How did it go?
  • How did the brothers demonstrate honesty regarding the money they found in their sacks?  Who did the Steward give the credit to?

July 28th – Genesis 44

  • What was Joseph trying to find out about his brothers by putting his cup in Benjamin’s sack?  How did Joseph’s brothers react when the cup was discovered? 
  • How did Joseph’s brothers demonstrate a change of heart?  Who was Judah concerned about most?  What did he request as a solution that was radical? 
  • Have you ever made a dramatic pledge or promise that would be hard to fulfill?  Did you like Judah make good on your promise?  What did it cost you?  Was it hard to fulfill?    

July 29th Psalm 29

  • How do we worship God in the splendor of his holiness?  How do you treat God as holy as you interact with Him?  How could you grow in this? 
  • How is the voice of the Lord described here?  What do these descriptions teach us about our God?
  • How would you describe God to someone who has never heard about Him?  How would you describe his voice?  Spend some time worshipping God for how he has revealed himself to you.

July 30th – Genesis 45

  • When Joseph revealed himself to his brothers why was he not angry and bitter toward them?  How did Joseph see God’s hand in all of the suffering that he had to endure? 
  • Have you ever recognized God’s hand on the other side of a season of great difficulty and suffering?  How did God work?  How did it change your perspective on the suffering?
  • What does this story teach us about God’s ability to work through even the sinful actions and decisions of people in our lives?  Think about the ways you have been mistreated, the ways you have or are suffering and ask yourself how might God use this for his glory and the fulfillment of his plan.

July 31st – Genesis 46-47:12

  • Why do you think Israel was afraid to go down to Egypt?  What does God promise Israel when He speaks to him? 
  • What did Jacob do when he met Pharaoh?  What do you think this looked like? How did God bless Jacob through Egypt? 
  • What are some unlikely ways God has blessed you in your life?