June 1st – Romans 13

- What do we learn about how we as Christians should respond to governing authorities? What reason is given for why we should respond this way? How does this passage affect your attitude toward our government?

- What debt should remain always outstanding for us as believers? How does the command to love our neighbor as ourselves sum up the other commands listed here? Would others describe you as a loving person, why or why not?

- What is Paul referring to when he says that our salvation is nearer now than when we first believed? What should this motivate us to do? How do we clothe ourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ?

June 2nd – Romans 14

- What are some of the disputable matters that we are not to pass judgement on others about? Have you ever been guilty of looking down on another believer because of one of these matters?

- In the disputable matters what is the most important to the Lord? (vs 6-8) what is your heart motivation regarding the disputable matters in your life?

- Are you prone to pass judgement on others? Why do you think that is? What does it mean to put a stumbling block in your brother’s way? Are there any ways your actions have put a stumbling block in the way of your brothers or sisters? How can you avoid this in the future?

June 3rd – Psalm 21

- What is the primary attribute of God that the Psalmist is praising God for in this psalm? How have you seen God use this attribute in your life?

- The psalmist rejoices in God’s answering of his prayers, how has God answered prayers in your life? Spend some time worshipping God for these examples of his goodness.

- The king is described as unshaken because of his trust in the Lord, when has your trust in the Lord allowed you to go through trials and hardships unshaken?

June 4th Romans 15:1-13

- What does it mean to bear with the failings of the weak? How have you done this in the church? What is a way you can build up your neighbor this week?

- What is the purpose of Christian unity according to verses 5-6? How has God accepted us? How then are we to accept one another? Is this easy or hard for you? Why?

- How has God filled you with joy? With peace? With hope? Who can you tell about what God has done for you this week?

June 5th Romans 15:14-33

- As you look at your life and witness can you say like Paul does in verse 19 that you have fully proclaimed the Gospel of Christ among those you know? If so describe how you have done that, if not why not and how can you do that?

- Paul’s ambition was to preach the Gospel to unbelievers, what ambition has God placed on your heart? How are you living it out?

- How does Paul describe others praying for him in verse 30? Do you know anyone who is struggling today? Take a few minutes and join them in their struggle by praying for them.

June 6th – Romans 16

- Paul instructs the church in Rome to receive Phoebe in the Lord in a way worthy of the saints, what do you think he means by this? What do you think this would look like today?

- Paul describes how several people have been significant to him and the church. Who has been significant to you, influencing you toward Christ? Make the effort to tell them this week what they have meant to you.

- Who are we supposed to watch out for? How would we spot them? What are they serving instead of Christ?

June 7th – Genesis 1

- When God created plants and animals he created them according to their kinds, what does this mean? At the end of each day God saw that what he created was good, what does he mean by this statement?

- What was different about God’s creation of man from his creation of everything else? What does it mean to be made in God’s image?

- What was the responsibility God gave to man from the beginning? How do we live this out the way God intended?

June 8th – Genesis 2

- How is the world described when God made man? Even before man is created what does the world need him for? Did work exist before sin then? How does this affect how we view our work?

- What two significant trees were planted in the center of the Garden of Eden? What command did God give to the man? What was the punishment for disobedience to his command?

- What does God mean by saying that it is not good for man to be alone? How was the creation of woman different from the creation of everything else? What is the reason verse 24 refers to?

June 9th Genesis 3

- What do the Serpents questions call into question about God? How does Satan use these same tactics in our lives?

- What did the woman see about the fruit that led her to give in to temptation? What was the immediate result of their eating of the fruit? How did they respond to God? How is this similar to us when we sin?

- What was the punishment for the Serpent? Woman? Man? Why was man kicked out of the Garden of Eden?

June 10th – Psalm 22

- Where else do we hear the words of verse 1 in the Scripture? (hint: quoted by Jesus) Have you ever felt like the psalmist here wondering where God is feeling like he has forsaken you? Describe what led to that feeling?

- What does the Psalmist remind himself about God even though he feels distant from God? What can you remind yourself about God when you feel distant from Him?

- Despite starting with the feeling of being distant from God where does the Psalmist end up at the end of the Psalm? What does this teach us about our emotions and how they are affected by what we reflect on? What can you worship God for today?

June 11th Genesis 4

- Why did God look with favor on Abel and his offering, but not on Cain and his offering? (hint: how are the offering contrasted in verse 3-4)

- What do the questions God asks Cain reveal to us about Cain’s heart was? How does “sin crouch at our door”? How do we master it?

- How did Cain’s anger manifest itself? What was his punishment? How did God still show him grace? What does this tell us about the heart of our God?

June 12th – Genesis 5

  • What was unique about Enoch?  What do you think this looked like for him at this early stage in history? What happened to him? 
  • What does it look like today to walk with God?  Why did you answer this the way you did?  Would God say of you that you walk with Him?  If so how, if not why not? 
  • What prediction did Lamech make about Noah when he was born?  Did this come true, explain?    

June 13th Genesis 6

  • Use a study Bible or a Bible dictionary and find out who we think the Nephilim were.  What option makes the most sense to you, why?
  • How is mankind described in this passage?  What was God’s response to what he saw in Mankind?
  • How is Noah described in this passage?  What do you think God would say about our world today?  How would God describe you?  Explain your answers.

June 14th Genesis 7

  • Why do you think that God told Noah to take 7 of every clean animal? Does this contradict what is said in chapter 6?  Why not? 
  • How do you think Noah felt about the command God gave him in verse 1-4? Has God ever given you a command that felt strange at the time?  How did you respond to it, and what happened?
  • When you read about God’s judgment in this story how do you react to it?  In what way do we also see God’s grace in this story?   

June 15th – Genesis 8

  • What does it mean that God “remembered Noah”?  What does God do in response to remembering Noah? 
  • What was Noah’s first response to getting out of the ark?  What do you think motivated him to do this?  What motivates you to do this? 
  • How did God respond to Noah’s worship?  What does this tell us about the heart of God? 

June 16th Genesis 9:1-17

  • What did God give to Noah and his family for food that he had not given before?  What were they not to eat?  Why do you think that was?
  • Why is man’s life seen as more valuable than the life of the animals?  How does this principle govern the ways we treat our fellow man compared to how we treat animals? 
  • What covenant did God make with Noah and all living animals?  What sign did God give that he would fulfill the covenant he made here?  What does this tell us about our God? 

June 17th – Psalm 23

  • What is the most meaningful image for you from this well-known Psalm?  Why is it so meaningful?
  • What is the connection between acknowledging the Lord as our shepherd and our contentment?  In what ways does the Lord function as our shepherd?
  • In what ways will goodness and love follow us in our lives when the Lord is our Shepherd?  What final hope do we have as followers of the Lord?  Spend some time reflecting on ways that the Lord has shepherded you through your life, and praise him for it. 

June 18th Genesis 9:18-10:32

  • What was Ham’s sin?  In what ways have we acted like Ham?  What did his brothers do differently? 
  • What was Noah’s reaction to the actions of his sons?  In what ways do we see Noah’s curse on Canaan come true?  What about his blessing on Shem and Jepheth?
  • What notorious cities were Ham’s descendants responsible for building?  

June 19th – Genesis 11

  • What was the sin of the people of Babel? What would it look like for us to commit that same sin today? 
  • What was God’s response to their sin?  How does this help us understand the origin of different races and peoples all over the world?
  • Where did Terah set out for?  Why is this significant?  Why did they not reach that place?  How do we see God’s hand in this?   

June 20th – Genesis 12:1-9

  • What did God call Abram to do?  Why would it require great faith for Abram to obey this command? 
  • What promises did God make to Abram?  How have we seen the promise in verse 3 fulfilled? 
  • Describe a time when God asked you to do something that required great faith for you to obey, how did you respond?  What happened?  

June 21st – Genesis 12:10-20

  • Why did Abram not tell Pharaoh that Sarai was his wife? What does this say about his faith in this instance? 
  • What did God do?  Why was it so important to God to make sure Sarai was not defiled by Pharaoh?  
  • What types of situations tempt you to take matters into your own hands rather than trust God by faith? 

June 22nd – Genesis 13

  • How had God blessed Abram already in his life, what was the evidence of God’s blessing?  How has God blessed you, what is the evidence in your life of God’s blessing? 
  • Why did Lot choose the land that he did?  What do we learn about the people Lot ended up living among? 
  • While Lot thought the land he chose was better it ended up being a terrible choice because of what happens to him.  Have you ever made a decision that looked like a good one but ended up being a mistake?  What can we learn from this? 

June 23rd – Genesis 14

  • How was it possible for Abram to defeat Kedorlaomer and the kings allied with him with only 318 men?  What does this teach Abram about what is possible when relying on God?
  • Use a study Bible or Bible dictionary to look up who we think Melchizedek was, what explanation seems to make the most sense?
  • Why would Abram not accept stuff from the king of Sodom?  What promises have you made to the Lord? How are you doing in keeping them?  Would you be able to turn down great wealth if it violated a promise you had made to God?  Why or why not?    

June 24th – Psalm 24

  • How does the psalmist describe the person who can approach God?  What is promised to this person?  Does this describe you?  If not why not? 
  • How is God described in this Psalm?  What attributes of God do you appreciate the most? 
  • How do you prepare your heart for worship?    

June 25th – Genesis 15

  • How does God introduce himself to Abram in verse 1?  In what ways is God a shield? In what ways is God a very Great reward? 
  • What does God promise Abram?  What sign did God give him that he would make good on his promise? 
  • What does God mean in verse 16 that the sin of the Amorites has not yet reached its full measure?  What does this tell us about the reason God condoned the slaughter of the peoples in Canaan as Israel entered the Promised Land many years later?

June 26th – Genesis 16

  • Why did Sarai give her maidservant to Abram as a wife?  Have there been times in your life where you have failed to wait for God to work and took matters into your own hands?  What happened? 
  • What did God tell Hagar to do?  Why would this be a hard thing to do?  What are some hard things that God has asked you to do?  How did you respond? 
  • What did God promise Hagar?  How was Ismael described?  How do we see this fulfilled?  What does Hagar learn about God through this event?

June 27th – Genesis 17

  • Why did God change Abram’s name?  (hint: what does his name mean?)  How does God describe the covenant he is making with Abraham? 
  • What was Abraham’s responsibility in the covenant?  What was the significance of circumcision?
  • What did God promise to do through Sarah?  What seemingly impossible things has God promised to you and I as believers?  What does this story teach us about God?     

June 28th – Genesis 18

  • Who were the three visitors who visited Abraham?  What did Sarah’s laughter say about her faith?  Think of a time when your faith was stretched and you struggled to believe and trust God, describe it?
  • According to verse 19 what did God choose Abraham to do?  What would that look like for Abraham?  What does it look like for us to do the same?
  • Why does Abraham intercede for the people in Sodom and Gomorrah?  What can we learn from how Abraham intercedes here?  Who are you pleading for with God

June 29th – Genesis 19

  • What example are we given here of the wickedness of Sodom and Gomorrah?  What led to God’s decision to destroy the cities? (v13)
  • Why did God spare Lot and his family?  Why was Lot’s wife turned into a pillar of salt?  How careful are you to obey everything God commands? 
  • Knowing the origin of the Moabites from this story why do the Israelites look on them with disgust? 

June 30th – Genesis 20

  • What motivated Abraham to tell Abimelech that Sarah was his sister?  Had he done this before?  When? 
  • Is there a sin or sins that you are prone to and you continue to repeat in your life?  What are they?  Spend some time confessing those sins to God and asking for strength to overcome them. 
  • How do we see God’s grace and mercy in this chapter?  Praise the Lord for the ways he has shown you his grace and mercy!